"And Now That You're Gone I Feel I'm To Blame..."



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Give Up - Forget - Go Back to Sleep

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something about this song I like but def feel like a loser for it. 

'Might as well do your worst to me'

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Tech Support  - I wanna wake up…..

2 years…

2 years gone and i still dont know what to say. My hopes are that you are still here living through me, So then there is no reason to write out the words to my sadness, loneliness and misery I still feel constantly because you should already know. An that’s what matters most to me and not the audience of this blog. And honestly, I’m sure i’d hold back the majority of the things I really want to say so I don’t upset or worry anyone. Kinda like going to see a therapist and only telling the half truth or just completely lying all together. It pointless. 

The facts remains the same. 2 years and it hasn’t gotten any easier and I never expect it to. The same things I miss the day you left are the same things that I miss to this day. You were an irreplaceable piece to my life. And nothing can fill the hole in me that your death has left. I’d throw it all away in a blink of an eye to have you back or to go back and do it again. 

“Undo it, take it back, make every day the previous one until I am returned to the day before the one that made you gone. Or set me on an airplane traveling west, crossing the date line again and again, losing this day, then that, until the day of loss still lies ahead, and you are here instead of sorrow.” 

I love you James 


2 years ago today is the last day that I saw and spoke to you. Words just cant describe how badly I miss you, so i’m not.

Haven’t had anything to do with rap since I cant remember when but gave the Grieves album a listen and I gotta say its interesting - worth a couple listens.